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2020 Image Tours

Spain and Portugal Images

Explore Europe’s most popular countries with a 2020 Image Tour!

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Superior Value with a Personal Touch

From the very beginning, the goal of Image Tours has been to provide “Superior Value with a Personal Touch.” We have always remained loyal to this objective and continue to make every effort to provide a comfortable and gratifying travel experience at an affordable price. Our meticulous selection of hotels and service providers translates into the highest quality at the lowest price.

Heart of Europe® Experts

Image Tours specializes in fully escorted tours of Europe’s most popular countries. In addition to our signature HEART OF EUROPE® Circle Tour, we offer a variety of other European itineraries.

Vacation of a Lifetime

We believe that attention to detail makes the difference between just another tour and the “vacation of a lifetime.” Menus for the included dinners are carefully planned in advance to assure variety and European flavor, while being mindful of foods our American travelers will enjoy. Although it is not customary at restaurants in Europe, Image Tours requests glasses or pitchers of tap water on the tables during the included meals. Our tour managers, hotels and other service providers are specially trained in providing smooth and comfortable check-ins and departures at the hotels. These are just a few examples of behind-the-scenes details that create a “vacation of a lifetime.”

Europe through the Eyes of a European

All our tour managers are native Europeans and are committed to showing you ‘their’ Europe, from the time they greet you upon your arrival until the time you check in for your return flight to the USA. In addition to several European languages, all our tour managers speak English fluently.

Choose from one of six exciting itineraries below:


2020 Heart of Europe Circle Tour

Tour #1: April 19 – May 04, 2020
Tour Managers: Dean & Annette Mizumura
Tour #2: October 06 – 21, 2020
Tour Manager: Delbert & Gale Nakaoka

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2020 Grand Heart of Europe Tour

September 02 – 24, 2020
Tour Manager: Cliff Nakamura

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2020 Heart of the British Isles Tour

Tour #1: May 05 – 21, 2020
Tour Manager: Lana Ige
Tour #2: September 22 – October 08, 2020
Tour Manager: Lori Lee

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2020 Spain & Portugal Tour

October 12 – 27, 2020
Tour Manager: Estrella Roznerski

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2020 Paris, Tuscany & Rome Tour

May 06 – 20, 2020
Tour Manager: Mary Yoshino

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